3 components every MVP in Personalised nutrition should include

Oct 13, 2022 10:00pm



The 3 components every MVP in Personalised nutrition should include

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I was recently asked what an MVP would look like in personalized nutrition. Well, that in my opinion of course depends. Because who are you talking to, who are you targeting, and what are their health goals and needs? Because it should essentially be about the user, not about the MVP. However, if I had to really, really give an answer, I would say there are three components.

The first one is you need to understand the. Dietary habits of the individual so understand not only their consumption patterns but also understand their food choices. Because once you have that starting point and understand the the environmental factors that might be playing into how and why they are choosing those types of foods or dietary patterns, that should give some some information and a a starting point in terms of helping individuals towards healthier habits.

The second part is of course the behavior part, and the behavior part is important because unless you help somebody to change their behaviour through giving feedback, it's very difficult to to encourage behaviour change and of course motivate. Coherence. And so first one is nutrition component, the second one is behavior and

The third one is a digital component. Because of course it's important that the individual doesn't have to continuously write down on paper or continuously send messages via text. But it it should be a very seamless process leveraging technology to make that interaction between submitting data and giving the feedback very, very smoothly. And of course we have technology now to do that and so.

And I would say in terms of that, MVP, always think about how are you addressing the nutrition component or how nutrition connects into the health component, how do you address the behavioral component and how you're going to deliver that actionable recommendation and feedback in a very, very easy way through a digital component.


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