How partnerships are ruling the roost in Personalised nutrition

Feb 09, 2022 1:59pm

We are at a an exciting time at Qina exactly one year after launching the Qina platform. We are really happy to introduce the Qina platform to nutrition & dietetics students at HAN university in Arnhem (Netherlands) for their projects next week, so it's full speed ahead for the future of the next generation of nutrition experts.

In this week's newsletter: 
Nutri-score and impact on consumer attitudes, Edamam launches partner portal, Withings build connected health portfolio, Panaceutics partners with Viocare, new ban on diet products for underaged, podcast with Zoe founder and a new event added.

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Research update

The effect of the nutri-score label on consumer’s attitudes, taste perception and purchase intention: An experimental pilot study

This experimental study with 192 participants aims to compare food packaging with Nutri-Score label versus without on consumers’ attitudes, taste perception, and purchase intention. The "findings show that integrating the Nutri-Score label on food packages did not modify cognitive responses of consumers towards these food products", and "changing consumption behaviors is challenging and more empirical and theoretical understanding is needed".

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Environmental Messages Promote Plant-Based Food Choices: An Online Restaurant Menu Study

This online study conducted on more than 6,000 participants found "that displaying thoughtfully framed environmental messages on restaurant menus can significantly increase customers' uptake of lower-carbon, plant-rich dishes". It also found that “small changes can make a big difference” and “join a movement of people choosing foods with less impact on the climate.”, are the two environmental messages with more impact on customers.


Effect of host genetics on the gut microbiome in 7,738 participants of the Dutch Microbiome Project

This study of 207 taxa and 205 pathways representing microbial composition and function of 7,738 participants of the Dutch Microbiome Project has shown that "Two robust, study-wide significant (P < 1.89 × 10−10) signals near the LCT and ABO genes (...) The LCT locus associations seemed modulated by lactose intake, whereas those at ABO could be explained by participant secretor status determined by their FUT2 genotype." In conclusion, larger sample sizes are needed to elucidate the remaining effects of host genetics on the gut microbiome.


Gut microbiota dynamics in a prospective cohort of patients with post-acute COVID-19 syndrome

This study aims to "investigate whether gut microbiome composition is linked to post-acute COVID-19 syndrome (PACS)". The results show: "(...) gut microbiome of patients with PACS were characterized by higher levels of Ruminococcus gnavus, Bacteroides vulgatus and lower levels of Faecalibacterium prausnitzii. Persistent respiratory symptoms were correlated with opportunistic gut pathogens, and neuropsychiatric symptoms and fatigue were correlated with nosocomial gut pathogens, including Clostridium innocuum and Actinomyces naeslundii".


Randomized clinical trials of weight loss: Pragmatic and digital strategies and innovations

"This review provides an overview of the most innovative digital approaches in clinical trials of weight loss during the COVID-19 era, as well as identifies opportunities and challenges for these modes of research going forward".


Perspective: Novel Approaches to Evaluate Dietary Quality: Combining Methods to Enhance Measurement for Dietary Surveillance and Interventions

This review highlights the importance of innovative applications of big data including the use of automatically collected food purchasing data, quantitative measurement of food environments, and on precision nutrition area the use of validated biomarkers, toward progressing the field of dietary assessment and discusses the application of food purchasing data, data analytics, alternative dietary quality metrics, and -omics technology in population and clinical medicine.


Automated food intake tracking requires depth-refined semantic segmentation to rectify visual-volume discordance in long-term care homes

This Canada-based study by the University of Waterloo, University Health Network, and the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging describes a fully automatic imaging system for quantifying food intake in older care homes. This new technology records and monitors food intake through AI analysis of color, depth, and other visual features of the plate, to estimate how much of each food has been consumed, which is then converted into nutritional value.


Technology News

Edamam Launches a Partner Portal for API and Data Solutions in the Nutrition Data Space

"Edamam, a provider of API solutions for nutrition data, meal recommendations, and nutrition analysis, announced today the launch of a API partner portal. The portal will feature third-party companies that offer solutions sought by Edamam's over 100,000 API subscribers and developers". The three initial companies of the portal are Suggestic, Personal Remedies, and Kitchology, which provide respectively Meal Planning, Chronic Illness Data, and Food Substitution APIs. Further, Edamam is planning to expand its partner offering and feature more APIs and companies that develop solutions requested by developers, such as recipe shoppability, genome-driven meal personalization, food logging, and more.


TriDot joins forces with InsideTracker

TriDot is a triathlon training platform, part of the Predictive Fitness company and now has announced a partnership with Inside Tracker: "We already provide the most effective triathlon training; and with the biometric data, nutrition guidance, and lifestyle recommendations from InsideTracker, we’ll be able to further improve the performance and health of our athletes.”, said Dr. BJ Leeper, Director of Performance Science at Predictive Fitness.

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Withings building its connected health portfolio with 8fit acquisition

8fit is a health, fitness, and wellness app with more than 40 million downloads that promotes healthy lifestyles by providing personalized nutrition, physical activity, and mindfulness programs. Available in 6 languages, 8fit has been acquired by Withings, the leader in at-home connected health machines. This acquisition is part of a $30M investment of Withings to combine cutting-edge medical devices with personal health and wellness plans.


Panaceutics – Viocare Partnership Delivers True Personalized Nutrition Platform

“Panaceutics Nutrition, the technology leader in offering the highest degree of supplementation personalization and convenience, and Viocare, a provider of evidence-based dietary assessment software tools, are excited to today announce an agreement to create truly personalized nutritional solutions for healthcare providers and their patients.” 


Levels Names Former Startup Founders and Physicians to Lead R&D and Clinical Strategy

Levels, the first biosensor system to give real-time feedback on nutrition and lifestyle has announced the appointments of Taylor Sittler, MD to Head of Research and Development and Lauren Kelley-Chew, MD to Head of Clinical Product. The appointment of Dr. Sittler and Dr. Kelley-Chew signals a new chapter of growth for Levels as the company continues to attract top talent and advisors from an array of backgrounds.

The Future of Healthcare: Personalization and AI (with ZOE’s Jonathan Wolf)

“ZOE co-founder and CEO Jonathan Wolf join Azeem Azhar to discuss what the ZOE process looks like, the growth of the company, and the importance of the microbiome to our health.”
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Personalized Nutrition Innovation Summit, Hologram Sciences in partnership with DSM, 21-22 February 2022

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