The top 5 food avoidances driving personalised nutrition

Mar 23, 2022 11:47am

At a time when the world seems crazy with the war, rising Covid cases and extreme weather, we need to reflect and be grateful for the little things.

In this week's newsletter: The latest research, Personalized supplementation at your pharmacy?, MyAir develops stress solution, creates fitness ecosystem, Sifter reveals US consumers' top dietary preferences, top consumer food trends and more!
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Want a personalized diet to prevent disease? Nutrition scientists are working on it

A recent American Heart Association scientific statement giving dietary guidance to improve cardiovascular health pointed to the future of precision nutrition and its potential to provide personalized diets to prevent heart disease and stroke. "It's a growing field of study that assumes each person may have unique responses to eating specific foods and nutrients – and blends data based on genetics, behavior, socioeconomics, environment, and eating patterns to potentially develop diets that are personalized to improve health and help prevent chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease. Instead of taking a typical hypothesis-driven approach, precision nutrition researchers collect data to study an individual's DNA, gut microbiome, metabolism, and response to what they eat, and are able to determine how it affects a person's psychological and biological profile".


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Research update 

FTO and ADRB2 Genetic Polymorphisms Are Risk Factors for Earlier Excessive Gestational Weight Gain in Pregnant Women with Pregestational Diabetes Mellitus: Results of a Randomized Nutrigenetic Trial

This Brazilian study "investigated obesity-related polymorphisms in the FTO gene (rs9939609, rs17817449) and ADRB2 (rs1042713, rs1042714) as candidate risk factors concerning excessive GWG (gestational weight gain) in pregnant women with pregestational diabetes". The results showed that "regardless the type of diet, AT carriers of rs9939609 (FTO) and AA carriers of rs1042713 (ADRB2) had a higher risk of earlier exceeding GWG (...)".


Impact of Genetic Risk Score and Dietary Protein Intake on Vitamin D Status in Young Adults from Brazil

This study "investigated the interplay of dietary and genetic components on vitamin D levels and metabolic traits in 187 healthy young adults (19-24 years) from Brazil". Genetic risk scores (GRS) from six genetic variants associated with vitamin D (vitamin D-GRS) and 10 genetic variants associated with metabolic disease (metabolic-GRS) were constructed. The results suggest that "participants with high vitamin D-GRS and consuming ≥73 g of protein/day had significantly lower 25(OH)D levels".


Diet Quality and Health in Older Americans

"This study documents the quality of diets among older Americans and implications of healthy eating for their physical and mental health". The results show that: "Older adults adhering to healthier diets, in the high HEI (Healthy Eating Index (HEI)-2015) group, have a significantly lower risk of developing limitations in activities of daily living (15.2% vs. 19.6%, p < 0.01) and depression (11.8% vs. 14.9%, p < 0.01), as compared to participants with low HEI scores. Consuming healthier diets also predicts more favorable health outcomes, as measured by blood-based biomarkers, including C-reactive protein (3.3 vs. 3.8, p < 0.05), cystatin C (1.1 vs. 1.2, p < 0.1), total cholesterol (192.1 vs. 196.4, p < 0.1), and high-density lipoprotein (57.2 vs. 53.8, p < 0.01)".


Anxiolytic Effect and Improved Sleep Quality in Individuals Taking Lippia citriodora Extract

The aim of this double-blind, placebo-controlled study "was to assess a natural plant-based dietary supplement comprised of lemon verbena (Lippia citriodora) extract, purified in phenylpropanoids, in alleviating stress and improving quality of sleep". By using Fitbit to track the results, the researchers found that "the group taking the lemon verbena extract significantly reduced their perception of stress after 8 weeks, which was corroborated by a significant decrease in cortisol levels. After the washout period, the subjects reported presenting even lower stress levels, due to the lasting effect of the ingredient. As for sleep quality, the subjects taking the supplement reported feeling better rested, with a stronger effect observed in women. Sleep improved their times in the deeper stages of sleep, specifically their percentage of time in deep sleep and REM. This study clinically supports Monteloeder’s product "Relaxplx" for improving sleep quality and reducing anxiety.


Technology News

Sifter Report: Gluten Tops List of Food Avoidances

Sifter is an app and website that helps people discover products that fit their personal wellness preferences. With the AI platform Sifter technology customers (Sifter.Shop) set up a free profile based on medical and lifestyle diet preferences. Then they can search through an assortment of more than 100,000 grocery products and supplements that adhere to 130+ nutrition filters—from healthy diets to allergens to medications. Sifter also partners with retailers, brands, and healthcare platforms, through Sifter.Solutions. In its latest report, Sifter has identified the top 5 food avoidances selected by users of its grocery platform: (1) gluten, (2) Dairy/milk, (3) Added sugars/corn syrup, (4) Lactose, and (5) Artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives.


Canadian pharmacy adds personalized supplementation consultation service

Mednow Inc is a Canadian pharmacy firm that has launched a new service, the "Total Health by Mednow". This service aims to advise consumers on the supplements that best match their needs. To do that, the company has partnered with recognized companies such Genestra, Douglas Labs, Pure Encapsulations, NFH, and Designs for Health. The customers can book a 15-minute chat with a nutritionist through the company’s website and, a previous quiz identifies consumers’ goals, health conditions, medications, and supplement/ medication interactions.


myAir Smartfood Develops Innovative Bundled Solution to Manage Employee Stress

myAir Smartfood, a startup that combines functional nutrition with data-driven technology, announced the launch of a stress-relief solution bundle. "Each bundle includes a personalized supply of myAir nutrition bars, proven to reduce stress, and is powered by myAir Insights. myAir Insights is a proprietary platform where employees can track their stress metrics and update their myAir super plant bar subscription preferences as their stress levels change over time". Customers can also add Garmin wearable to track their results and access to one-on-one consultations with a nutritionist and webinars. Recently myAir and Garmin found in their scientific study that myAir functional bars improved 73% of participants’ anxiety scores and 84% of participants’ sleep quality.


AHI Integration released into US App Stores by Bearn

Bearn, a Californian-based wellness technology company, has announced the launch of the integrated AHI BodyScan. "Bearn's unique wellness app rewards users for health and wellness activities including fitness, nutrition, weight management, sleep, stress management, and more. Users of the Bearn app earn reward dollars for healthy behaviors. The more individuals and families focus on their health, the more they earn. This gamifies wellness in a powerful way to help users become proactive about their health. The Bearn app framework gives users access to the AHI in-app scan technology to assess body dimensions and composition changes over time and rewards for reaching their goals. Bearn will also be launching the FaceScan technology which provides health measurements using transdermal optical imaging analysis (i.e., the ability to extract human metrics through the skin) and advanced AI". A Bengaluru based start-up looks to create a fitness ecosystem, recently rebranded as, is a Bengaluru-based health-tech start-up offering digital and offline experiences across fitness (, nutrition (, health (, and mental well-being ( The service offers a subscription-based healthy food delivery service. In this service the company has launched its brand name for packaged health foods and labeled it, selling food items such as cold-pressed juices, beaten grains, healthy crisps, and protein water contributing more than 30% of’s profit. is a yoga and mindful service. is the first healthcare clinic of the company with personalized healthcare services, including consultation and diagnostics, by leveraging big data, telemedicine, and analytics to deliver preventative healthcare solutions. And finally the app, which sells sportive clothes and has a new feature called the 'Energy Meter', which enables virtual tracking of workout movements using the customer's camera.


Food & Consumer Trends 

The wave to come: Presence report highlights “spectacular shift” in conscious consumption

Presence, a US-based natural foods broker, has unveiled a “spectacular shift” in wellness trends. The broker’s latest trend report highlights five key themes forecasting a new era of conscious consumption as people become more aware of how they shop, consume and dispose of everyday items. The top five trends: (1) Relaxation Supplements for Stress and Sleep - “Magnesium and ashwagandha are two of the stress relief and relaxation materials that are particularly resonating with consumers,” (2) Carbonated Drinks for Gut Health - "One of its leading contributors to the growing probiotics trend is functional carbonated beverages containing prebiotics, probiotics, or postbiotics for immunity and gut support". (3) Regenerative Agriculture - "Regenerative agriculture is a global movement that promotes biodiversity, sequesters carbon, and allows living systems to work in harmony". (4) More Sustainable Packaging Options and (5) Mushrooms in everything - Their ingredients have been shown to stimulate the immune system, help with healthy blood pressure management, supply powerful antioxidants, support overall wellness, promote focus, provide cardiovascular and skin health support, boost cognition, and prevention of depression.


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