Like any industry, the Personalised Nutrition industry has many challenges it will need to overcome to go mainstream. These challenges have been revealed over the years and on many levels. In this post we answer this question as part of an excerpt of the "Next for Personalised nutrition report 2021" we recently contributed to which was published by Vitafoods insights

Here are the challenges we feel need to be addressed:

1. Trust and transparency in PN solutions is critical in order to ensure credibility of the solutions and as the field as a whole. These solutions should be based on science, representative and inclusive of all cultures without leaving anybody behind.

2. All stakeholders need to communicate the benefits of a personalised approach in order to go mainstream. There is a huge need to increase digital literacy consumers and practitioners in order to ensure that the right solutions can be matched to the right user. We need inclusive research that can demonstrate how different solutions may impact on different groups.

3. Solutions need to be affordable and accessible. Home testing kits and personalised nutritional supplements are not affordable for many due to cost. This can be address through public private partnerships, such as rewards or rebates that can make tracking and self-monitoring especially in a digital healthcare era a lot more convenient.

4. Funding for real change- We also need to think beyond mainstream and think more broadly about the impact on population health. There is no real use in great solutions that optimize the health of those who are already healthy. We need to invest in solutions that solve real-world problems, and for this we need investors who think differently and want to make an impact. For instance, considering again the disproportionate deaths in ethnic groups with co-morbidities due to COVID, according to a recent Rock health report, digital health solutions with black founders received less than 1% of $3bn in funding (for black female founders this is even worse). This means that there are serious funding access issues that need to be addressed if PN want to hit the mainstream.

We are always keen to collaborate with companies, organizations and entities that share our vision of a world in which personalised nutrition can benefit a large population. If you would like to discuss your ides and plans, do get in touch.

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