Biomarkers and Personalized Nutrition

Sep 27, 2021 11:00pm

The goal of personalized nutrition is to create and deliver nutrition recommendations and solutions at an individual level that are rooted in science. To achieve this, it requires the collection and analysis of biometric data such as a person’s genetic data, physiological state, health history, environment, and current lifestyle. So far, many personalized nutrition interventions rely on integrating an individual’s phenotypic information, subjective dietary assessment, and tracking data from sensors and wearables to produce relevant strategies. However, to get a real picture of an individual's metabolic function and how these are impacted by external factors, biomarkers are needed. 

This data brief explores current developments in the personalized nutrition industry relating to biomarkers:

  • What are biomarkers?
  • Relevance ad types of biomarkers for personalised nutrition
  • What is the state of the science on biomarkers for personalised nutrition
  • What is the current market?
  • Who are the biggest movers and shakers in the industry
  • What are the current landscape and focus areas in personalised nutrition?
  • Main challenges of current solutions
  • Our predictions of what's to come next
  • How companies can incorporate biomarkers into their strategy


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