FEMTECH and Personalized Nutrition - the next big thing

Dec 10, 2021 2:13pm

Worldwide, over 1500 femtech companies cater to the unique health and wellbeing needs of women, who make up about 49% of the global population. And who also happen to be the ones making 80% of the healthcare decisions in the home.


This data brief explores current developments in the personalized nutrition industry relating to FEMTECH and covers the following:


  • What is Femtech?
  • Why is it so popular?
  • What is the geographic distribution of femtech companies?
  • Why has this area been overlooked? 
  • What are current trends in investments?
  • What are the key areas interesting for Personalized nutrition? 
  • Where is the science at?
  • What are exciting innovations between the intersection of femtech and nutrition? 
  • Where are the gaps?
  • What can companies do next? 

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