Finding the right business model to overcome the valley of death white paper

Sep 29, 2021 8:50am

Food is becoming more personalized that is not news, however thriving and succeeding in the personalized nutrition industry is another ball game. We recently contributed to this white paper on the topic and the final report makes a fantastic read.

Here are some highlights


  • Personalizing products and services has successfully been established across various industries (e.g. video streaming & sneakers) and has experienced significant growth within the last years.  


  • Despite a strong industry outlook, which is signaling a huge potential for Personalized Nutrition, no single firm seems to have a truly holistic approach to the PN market yet, where PN concepts include all the steps of the value chain, moving beyond niche supplements and reaching a mass market.  


  • This suggests that attempts at innovation in personalized nutrition have not overcome the “Valley of Death”, meaning they have failed to develop a business model for personalized food products that sustainably generate revenue throughout the entire customer journey  


In our whitepaper, we discuss the current status of PN and suggest four high-level business models that can help move Personalized Nutrition concepts from niche to mass market thus escaping the Valley of Death?