Framework for Designing Behavioural Change with Use of Tech

Jun 08, 2022 12:00pm

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Latest research, CulinaHealth secures investment, iSense maps flavours, Persona Nutrition finalising new app, Supersapiens partners with women's cycling, Diabeloop receives investment for AI-powered insulin delivery tech, and more!!!


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Research update 

Fast DNA biosensing based on isothermal amplification, unmodified gold nanoparticles, and smartphone detection

This study "reports an instrument-free method based on detecting genes that encode proteins related to food allergies and ingredients associated with illegal practices. It combines a selective RPA, direct nanoparticle detection, and smartphone reading".


A Framework for Designing Behavioural Change with the Use of Persuasive Technology

This paper developed a framework for designing behavioral change using persuasive technology and validated it through empirical research. The study discussion has quoted 4 concrete areas to pay attention to in product development: (1) pick a target group and conduct user research to find out in which stage of change the users are; (2) try to understand users’ emotions; (3) link the persuasive system design (PSD) features according to the transtheoretical model (TTM) stage; and, (4) give extra attention to simulation, rehearsal, and normative influence. To conclude: "[for] developing software applications does not only require technical knowledge, but a deep understanding of human psychology, behavioral theories, or, more specifically, how human minds work and how decisions are made".


What is the most efficient way to fortify food items with vitamin D? A randomised, multiple crossover study

This study aims to investigate the efficiency of fortifying different food items (water, milk, juice, and juice with whey isolate protein) with 200g of vitamin D3. The study was conducted on 30 menopausal women with vitamin D deficiency and revealed "that whey isolate protein in apple juice did not enhance the maximum concentration of D3 compared to juice without it. However, compared to juice, D3 concentrations were significantly higher in response to milk and water intake. No difference was observed between milk and water. Therefore, the conclusion from this study is that vitamin D fortification works better in water or milk than in juice".


4-LB - Remission of Type 2 Diabetes and Improvement in Metabolic Markers with the Twin Precision Treatment Technology (TPT)—A Multicenter, Randomized, Controlled Trial

This randomized controlled trial aims "to determine the effect of Twin Precision Treatment technology (TPT) versus standard care (SC) on change in A1C and type 2 diabetes remission at 90-day intervals. The TPT intervention uses the Whole-Body Digital Twin Platform, with AI and Internet of Things, to integrate multi-dimensional data to give precision nutrition, sleep, activity, and breathing guidance via the TPT app and coaches". The study results have revealed the highest reported rate of remission of type 2 diabetes to date: "Interim analysis of 262 patients (TPT n=199; SC n=63) who reached 180 days showed 94.9% (189/199) of TPT patients achieved an A1C less than 6.5% on no medications or metformin only; 83.9% (167/199) achieved diabetes remission based on ADA criteria. All nine insulin-using patients stopped insulin before 90 days. The TPT intervention in patients with type 2 diabetes allowed for a significant reduction in A1C, diabetes remission (~84%), and improvement in multiple metabolic parameters at six months". The findings were presented at the 82nd Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association® (ADA) in New Orleans, LA.


The Gut Microbiome in Parkinson's Disease: A Longitudinal Study of the Impacts on Disease Progression and the Use of Device-Assisted Therapies

This study investigates the temporal stability of gut microbiome profiles from PD (Parkinson's disease) patients on standard therapies and those initiating device-assisted therapies (DAT). The results show that "persistent underrepresentation of short-chain fatty-acid-producing bacteria, Butyricicoccus, Fusicatenibacter, Lachnospiraceae ND3007 group, and Erysipelotrichaceae UCG-003, were apparent in PD patients relative to controls. [and] PD progression analysis indicated that the genus Barnesiella was underrepresented in faster progressing PD patients at t = 0 and t = 12 months".



We have just published our latest Executive data brief on Mental health and Personalised nutrition. This fascinating topic is critical to many companies and their employees at this delicate time in our lives.

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Technology News

Digital nutrition startup Culina Health raises $4.75M

Culina Health is a personalized nutrition platform powered by registered dietitians who can help build nutrition plans depending on the user's needs, including for managing diabetes and eating disorders. Patients can also access an app where they can find their goals, session notes, and handouts. Culina Health has now announced it has secured $4.75 million in investment.


How iSense is mapping taste just like Google mapped the Earth

Up until now, flavors have been functional black boxes. But Mathieu Asté, Founder and CEO of iSense, is eager to disrupt this 120-year old, $14 billion industry. His solution standardizes flavor taste measurement to enable comparison and provides a software (SaaS) to accelerate flavor selection, matching, creation and sourcing. 

Global Interest in Supplements and Wellness Drives Explosive Growth in On-Demand Nutrition

Persona Nutrition (a Nestlé Health Science subsidiary) is enjoying the growing projection of the personalized nutrition market (expected to grow to $16.4B by 2025), specifically the nutritional supplement segment. Persona Nutrition has made significant business changes since 2017, with the exponential growth of their nutritionists' team (2 in 2017, to 22 in 2022) and the entry of mass retail commerce with the partnership with Target stores across the USA. Across that Persona Nutrition is finalizing a new mobile app that will put on-demand nutrition in customers' pockets, with nutritionists always available online.



Puritan's Pride® has announced the introduction of an affordable Personalized Vitamin Packs subscription program. By taking a five-minute quiz, that focuses on questions about lifestyle and health, customers will receive a tailored regimen of vitamins and supplements in customized daily "packs", conveniently delivered to their doorsteps every month. The Personalized Vitamin Packs support health categories, including joint support, heart health, digestive support, immune health, sleep, stress support, and many more.



Supersapiens Partners with Number One Team in Women's Cycling

Supersapiens and Team SD Worx are proud to announce a 2022 race season partnership. With Abbott's Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, Supersapiens delivers innovative insights to help Team SD Worx optimize their glucose levels for training and recovery.


Diabeloop rounds up €70M to take AI-powered insulin delivery tech global

Diabeloop’s AI picks up blood sugar readings from a connected continuous glucose monitor every five minutes. It analyzes the data to determine an ideal insulin dosage—factoring in the user’s physiology, medical history, and recent meals and exercise—then automatically sends its resulting dosage calculations to an insulin pump. The algorithm is housed on a small handset that connects to both the CGM and insulin pump via Bluetooth. Now, Diabeloop is preparing to expand commercially worldwide with the series C round totaled in 70 million euros ($75 million).


Nudj Health Gets $10M Financing Boost for Partnerships with Physician Groups to Change Patient Behavior

Nudj Health provides a platform that enables health professionals to integrate lifestyle wellness into patient care. With the latest technology for reporting and tracking, much of the interaction with patients takes place over the phone (in nutrition, stress management, physical activity, sleep quality, behavior risks, and social support areas). In the background, Nudj Health uses algorithms developed through data accumulation from patients to guide the decision points. Now, Nudj Health has also announced funding of $10 million to boost its efforts to partner with physician groups.


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