Has the time for giving incentives for making healthy choices arrived

Nov 17, 2021 2:27pm

Has the time for giving incentives for making healthy choices arrived? one company thinks so based on our latest newsletter. 

We think the personalized nutrition industry has many innovative ways to help people get healthier. This week we share our big news on our latest collaboration with Spanish-based Blendhub to create the future of personalized food. Read on!

In this week’s newsletter: Latest research, Signos raises $17m for their CGM solution, Wellory partners with Thrive market, Nuritas raises $45m and Sun Genomics partners with NZMP to create personalized probiotics.


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New partnership announcement! Read the full press release by clicking the image below.

 We are excited to announce that Qina has signed an agreement with Blendhub, a Spanish-based company that operates the world's first global network of multi-localized food production hubs, to create an ecosystem for the development of powder-based personalized nutrition solutions that are evidence-based, affordable, and from sustainable sources and supply chains. Qina will provide Blendhub with strategic guidance, insights, and leadership in relation to personalized nutrition technologies, industry trends, scientific advances, and consumer behaviors, as well as access to a database of companies and approved functional ingredients which can be used in Blendhub Food-as-a-Service offerings.

Blendhub will contribute to the project by offering their localized food production Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, which enables access to patented technology and a global replication model closer to raw materials and final consumers; a Food-as-a-Service platform to help food companies design, produce and launch new food products anywhere in the world; and  Digitized Food Quality-as-a- Service to validate all new ingredients and formulations using Chemometric Brain’s software. The ecosystem to ideate and develop innovative and science-based personalized food and nutritional products is open to partners who share values and vision with Qina and Blendhub.




Research Update


The role of plant-based alternative foods in sustainable and healthy food systems: Consumption trends in the UK

This article "examined plant-based alternative foods (PBAF) consumption trends in the UK by analysing repeated cross-sectional food consumption data from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey 2008–2019 (15,655 individuals)". The results show that the proportion of individuals reporting consumption of any PBAFs increased from 6.7% in 2008–2011, to 13.1% in 2017–2019. Females were 46% more likely than males to report consumption of PBAF and millennials (age 24–39 years) were the most likely generation to report PBAF consumption compared to generation Z (age 11–23 years) and traditionalists (age 75+ years).


Diet Inflammatory Index and Dementia Incidence: A Population-Based Study

This study included 1059 individuals (mean age=73.1 years), from the Hellenic Longitudinal Investigation of Aging and Diet (HELIAD). It aimed to explore the associations between the inflammatory potential of diet assessed by a biomarker-validated diet inflammatory index (DII), and the risk for dementia. The DII score was elaborated by associations of 45 food parameters with levels of pro-and anti-inflammatory cytokines in the blood. Higher scores indicate more probability to suffer from dementia. The results show "each additional unit of DII was associated with a 21% increase in the risk for dementia incidence. Compared to participants in the lowest DII tertile, participants in the highest one (maximal pro-inflammatory diet potential) were 3 times more likely to develop incident dementia".


Polymorphism PLIN1 11482 G>A Interacts with Dietary Intake to Modulate Anthropometric Measures and Lipid Profile in Adults with Normal-Weight Obesity Syndrome

This cross-sectional study aims to verify if polymorphism (SNP) PLIN1 11482 G>A (rs894160) interacts with nutrient intake, anthropometric, body composition, and cardiometabolic markers in adults with Normal-Weight Obesity (NWO)syndrome (116 individuals aged 20 to 59, with normal body mass index (BMI) and a high percentage of body fat). The results show: "anthropometric measures and biochemical markers were not different according to genotype, except for total cholesterol (TC), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and non-HDL-C concentrations. However, important interactions between the SNP and dietary intake were observed”. Carbohydrate and protein intake interacted with the SNP PLIN1 11482 G>A to modulate waist circumference (WC), BMI, and the Homeostatic Model Assessment of Insulin Resistance index.


Gut microbiota and vitamin status in persons with obesity: A key interplay

Vitamin deficiency can alter many important cellular functions and lead to serious health issues. This review studies the vitamin status of patients with obesity and metabolic alterations and examines the relationship between vitamins and the gut microbiota in terms of vitamin production and the modulation of the gut bacterial ecosystem in conditions of vitamin shortage or supplementation. It provides some strategies to improve the vitamin status of patients with severe obesity.




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Technology News


From raising our Series B, to releasing our new app feature Borrow, and launching our first proper TV advert – it has been a busy old time for OLIO

Exciting news coming from Olio. They are thrilled to announce that they had raised a $43 million Series B round. This will accelerate the goal of 1 billion OLIOers by 2030, connecting communities to help solve the climate crisis. They unveiled their first TV advert, “Let’s not waste our wonderful world” and an OOH campaign across London’s tubes and buses. Finally, they have released BORROW, a new brand section in the OLIO app where trusted neighbors can lend and borrow everyday household items, such as DIY equipment, sports gear, kitchen gadgets, books, and more.


Spoonguru launches consumer and dietary insights tool

Spoon Gurus has announced their new platform that combines product data with AI’s ongoing analysis of their shoppers’ purchases & searches, shopping behavior, and demographics. The outcome will provide insights into emerging dietary trends.


Signos Raises $17M in Funding

Signos is a Burlingame-based company that combines a wearable continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with an AI-enhanced app to offer real-time data and recommendations to drive healthy and sustained weight loss. The platform helps with personalized answers to basic questions like what to eat, when to eat, and what exercises to do to help with weight loss. They have announced $17M in funding that will be used to expand operations and to reach general availability in early 2022.


Wellory’s latest partnership with Thrive Market

In this partnership, Wellory's nutrition experts will recommend grocery lists and healthy products from the Thrive Market website. 


Aramark Launches World-First Solution Inpatient Feeding

DISH (Digital Innovation Solution for Healthcare) is a transformative platform provided by Ireland-based company Aramark, in collaboration with Nutritics, an industry leader in nutrition and food management software. This platform is a smart-ordering meal platform conceived for hospitals. DISH combines pioneering technology with customized menus and focuses on improving patient safety, removing potential errors in data collation, displays allergens, ingredients, and nutritional composition, texture, and identifies appropriate therapeutic meal options.


Biotech Firm Nuritas, Backed By U2’s Bono & The Edge, Raises $45M to “Improve Human Health” With Plants

Nuritas it's a Dublin-based biotechnology company that has established the world’s largest peptide knowledge base using a proprietary AI and genomics platform called Nπϕ™ (Nuritas Peptide Finder). The company has developed a peptide for skin health discovered in peas, and a peptide discovered in fava beans that supports muscle health, both due for market launch in 2022. It has secured $45 million in Series B bringing its total raised to $75 million.


NZMP Partnership with Sun Genomics Helps Bring Precision Probiotics to Consumers

Sun Genomics makes precision probiotics branded Floré. By having individuals test their gut microflora, Floré can customize a 'precision probiotic' supplement, formulated to address individual needs. NZMP is the ingredient-solutions brand by global dairy company Fonterra. The two companies have announced a partnership to undertake consumer studies on HN001™ & HN019™ strains that NZMP supplies to Sun Genomics.


SaladStop supported by Temasek! The group raises $ 12 million in the Series B round – Health Guild News

“SaladStop, the first and largest healthy food chain in Asia. The group announced that it has closed an Australian $ 12 million B-series investment round led by Temasek. The round was oversubscribed and featured the participation of new investors Vulcan Capital, K3 Ventures and East Ventures, as well as existing investors DSG Consumer Partners. Founded in 2009 by father and son Daniel and Adrien Desbaillets, co-led by daughter Katherine and son-in-law Frantz Braha, the group has tried to break the traditional fast food model and has pioneered offering healthy and nutritious menus to customers.”


Viome Life Sciences Raises $54M To Accelerate Development of its mRNA Platform for Prevention, Diagnosis, and Therapeutics for Chronic Disorders, Cancers, and Aging

Viome Life Sciences has announced a raise of $54M in pre-series C convertible funding with participation from existing investors and new investors. This gives a total of $125M of investment since November 2019. The latest round of funding will support expanded clinical research targeting aggressive cancers and chronic diseases, eventually leading to the development of early-stage diagnostics and therapeutics.


Bearn Announces Completion of Integration of Advanced Human Imaging Technology Platform in Preparation for Application Launch

Bearn, a California-based wellness technology company, is an exciting and new multi-sided health platform that allows users to earn cash and receive rewards from 4,500+ retailers for burned calories. The app rewards users for health and wellness activities including fitness, nutrition, weight management, sleep, stress management, and more. By using Advanced Human Imaging (AHI), which includes a body scan and face scan, the app will allow deeper insights into the user's health allowing the company to play a more comprehensive role in the user's health outcomes. The integration is predicted for January 2022, Bearn will integrate the new platform with four of its partners: Accuro Fit, Benefits, Perk Plans, and RxSpark.


Food & Consumer Trends


Bioavailability: Increased consumer demand and labeling accuracy dominate industry

A trend that starts to appear is a demand by consumers with high bioavailability ingredients. This article approaches the differences between the definitions of  ‘absorption’ and ‘bioavailability’. "Absorption is the process of the movement of a substance or drug from the site of administration to the systemic circulation", but doesn't necessarily mean that the substance is more bioavailable. On the other hand, a more bioavailable substance provides significantly high bioactive “free” nutrients upon oral intake which means smaller effective doses. This tendency will change the rules of nutritional claims and will create new technologies, such as the Fenumat technology, that can help ingredients be more bioavailable in food or supplements.


Cultural norms & linguistic diversity impact Europeans’ on-pack health claims understanding, finds EU-wide study

The Health Claims Unpacked is an EIT Food-funded research project founded in 2019 that aims to study how health claims impact consumers' nutrition perceptions. In hits latest update, the researchers conclude that the cultural ideas about food and eating, the labeling color and design, the language, words, and how the claims are grammatically written across the EU Member States make it difficult to harmonize the health claims communication


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