How can text analytics help your company win in PN?- QinaVer use cases

Sep 21, 2022 10:11am

Using text analytics that uses Natural language processing is still new for many companies. We have integrated advanced text analytics as part of our Qina consulting services as it has a number of benefits from saving time, saving costs as well as making it very easy to retrieve information at the click of a button.

In terms of the benefits for companies who are collecting and generating data on a daily basis, these include:

  1. It can help you focus on the issues that really matter to users
  2. It can help you prioritize projects
  3. It can help you manage your resources better to keep you focused
  4. It helps you get closer to your users' real world.

What is QinaVer and how does it work?

QinaVer is our text analytics solution which we use both for finding information in our own content as well as using it as an intelligent too for client projects. Our data sources can include online content, scientific literature, market reports and primary data from interviews and focus groups.

We have trained the machine learning algorithm to analyse the data based on the categories that we have deemed to be important and key for Personalized nutrition.

This means we can identify sentiment, topics, keywords and phrases as well as networks between different data points. Layered with our domain expertise in personalized nutrition and the industry, we can provide deep insights that are actionable and relevant for our clients.

Qina is the hub for data and insights in Personalised nutrition. Qina offers the world´s first comprehensive and curated database of Personalised nutrition companies in the industry. Qina has a library of expert content and offers consultancy services for innovation projects.