How less than 3% of social media research is conducted by nutrition experts

Sep 21, 2022 9:47am

In our previous message we outlined what text analytics using Natural language processing is.

In reality of course data is useless if you don't get valuable insights which is why it is important to have nutrition experts as part of a "human in the loop" approach to ensure that the insights gather from automatic analysis makes sense, is relevant and accurate. Based on a recent scoping review, only around 3% of studies using social media are conducted by nutrition experts, which means that there is a huge opportunity to leverage the expertise a nutrition expert can bring to automated analytics.


Nutrition experts can enhance a text analytics service in several ways:

    Inclusion of relevant keywords and phrases pulling from domain knowledge from prevention to medical nutrition
      Blending automated insights from


    with scientific and market insights
    Adopting a systems approach to ensure that insights are not identified in silo's
    Reduce human and automated bias to ensure insights accuracy 


We have created an infographic to outline the importance and relevance of using social media analytics as part of your innovation and R & D process.

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