How to find personalized nutrition companies

Jan 11, 2023 10:41am

It is no surprise that more companies are realizing that personalized nutrition is here to stay. This has meant that executives and practitioners alike have had to quickly get up to speed on what has been happening in the industry in terms of new products and services on offer. In the absence of industry and professional-wide agreed definition of Personalized nutrition, it can be often a challenge to separate companies who are marketing as being personalized from those who are truly offering personalization.

In this article, we provide a few tips on where how how to save yourself hours in online searches.

There are several ways to understand and explore the industry

  1. Dr Google - An online search can quickly highlight names of companies and solutions that have appeared in the news or media outlets. Make sure to use specific keywords such as "personalized nutrition", "Precision nutrition", "individualized nutrition" or "tailored nutrition" for more hits
  2. Online databases - Available databases such as Crunchbase or Food forwarding collect and track information across several industries including digital health. Although "Personalised nutrition" is not a filter (or a good one) by itself, brands can use "mHealth" and "software" or even "nutrition" as a way to find personalised nutrition solutions.
  3. Ask the experts - Industry experts can provide insight into current Personalised nutrition companies as well as those that may be spinouts or that are collaborating partners to conduct research. Many less well-known companies are not as active on social media so may be more difficult to find.
  4. Entrepreneurial networks - Networks or ecosystems such as EIT that help provide support and funding to startups are also great way to find out about new solutions
  5. Investors - Have a great insight into startups or companies that need funding that may not even have launched yet.

At Qina, we have developed the first and most comprehensive curated database of Personalised nutrition competitive landscape. As Personalized nutrition crosses boundaries into other industries, we track the market on a wider and deeper level by providing more detailed descriptions, advanced filters and a unique taxonomy based on our domain expertise and network.

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