How to simplify and speed up your qualitative research with NLP

Sep 26, 2022 12:51pm



We are living in the digital age, which means that everything you've done, in the way you've always done it, needs to change, and that includes your qualitative research.

Historically, qualitative research (or qual for short) meant huge budgets, months of gathering and analyzing data and departments waiting for deep insights that then get buried in a folder...forever. In fact many clients have told us that a project can take anywhere from 6 months to a year, by which time the insights are of course outdated. It does not have to be this painful anymore.

Doing qual research in the digital age, means leveraging new technology such as natural language processing to get insights in real time, with users being able to submit data with their smartphone using audio or video. This data can be analyzed using predefined keywords, phrases and categories to enable you to understand sentiment, key topics and relevant networks in real-time so can make data/informed decisions and act faster.

Our QinaVer solution allows qualitative research to be conducted by our global network of nutrition experts who have expertise from prevention all the way to medical nutrition. Not only can we conduct research in 8 different languages, we can provide deep and actionable insights by combining the automated insights with our understanding of the market and scientific developments, so you can be confident to get the full picture.

Participants can submit their feedback through a simple link (no app download required), or we can conduct interviews which can be translated, transcribed and viewed easily by using keywords and phrases.


Two ways your company can use our QinaVer analytics services:

  1. Identifying new markets, positioning and value - We can help you position a new solution, unravel what issues your users are struggling with or develop a new product. This is ideal for companies new to the Personalised nutrition industry

  2. Validating your current solutions- We can help you identify what is working and what is not, how to improve your existing solution as well as how to improve engagement and adherence. We can also provide support to demonstrate effectiveness of your solution. This is ideal for companies with existing solutions and traction who need to stay ahead and grow their customer base.


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