I was thrilled to have been interviewed for this article for the Food Forum (article in German) on my journey, purpose and mission in the emerging field of personalised nutrition & wellness.

I have always been interested in nutrition, lived and breathed health and now of course passing the lessons onto my children too. Technology has brought about new opportunities to reach more people, to track and monitor and to enable individuals to manage their own conditions. The opportunities and possibilities are huge and exciting, and so are the challenges. My own mission within the personalised nutrition and health field is to connect the dots between technology, industry, academia and front-line practitioners so that we create credible solutions that people trust, that practitioners will use and recommend, and that are equitable.

Through inclusive leadership and nutrition expertise at Qina, our purpose is to provide a voice for those who may be left behind by technology and to ensure that our partners and customers are conscious of existing bias, are trained how to recognise and address it and to build solutions in a collaborative ecosystem that aim to lead to improved health outcomes for all. We believe that nutrition scientists should be involved at all stages of product development and should act as a checking point to ensure that products are based on science, are inclusive and comply with data ethics guidelines.

Idealistic it may be, but we need to stay focused on informing, identifying and supporting those who need it most and technology is an enabler to achieve this goal.

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Thank you to Dr. Simone Frey at Nutritionhub for interviewing me for this piece! #nutrition #prevention #entrepreneur #wellness #health #innovation #inclusion #Leadership #Diversity

Mariette Abrahams, Food forum