Personalised nutrition vs Precision nutrition

Sep 30, 2022 10:45am


This week alone, I've been asked three times what the difference is between personalized nutrition and precision nutrition.

So we have to be very clear that the terms are used interchangeably. And it really depends on who's talking about the topic. So as someone who comes from a healthcare background to ask, personalized nutrition is really providing dietary and lifestyle advice that are really relevant to the individual. They are rooted in the science and they have measurable outcomes. And these can be health outcomes or they can be behavioural outcomes. And so these personalized advice can then be based on, you know, your lifestyle, your dietary preferences.

The religion, so many different things and you can pick that up, you know, with a healthcare professional for example, or completing a a survey online and then you get presented with not only dietary recommendations but also actions to take that help you towards your health goal. Now Precision nutrition is used very often when that data that you use to personalize that diet and lifestyle recommendations on is on. Biological information, so you have maybe DNA data or maybe you have microbiome sample that you submitted and you got the analysis from or you have blood biomarkers. And so the idea is that it's that advice that's based on that type of high level data is more accurate, is more precise and therefore it requires more technological advances I would say. But essentially it is still part of personalized nutrition. So personalized nutrition is really.

At the lower end, where you can personalise based on dietary lifestyle recommendations or dietary preferences, and at the high end that data uses biological samples to then provide you with nutritional recommendations and solutions. I hope that clarifies it for you.

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