Personalized nutrition - a look at the regulation

Jul 01, 2021 1:01pm

Personalized nutrition a look at the regulation

From May 26 this year, the personalized nutrition space has been enriched with a new piece of legislation: the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices (hereinafter: “MDR”). The MDR is, generally speaking, applicable to all personalized nutrition (software) products, including apps and algorithms, with a medical intended purpose. Since most personal nutrition services that are currently on the market are lifestyle-related, they will not be affected by the MDR. This article written in collaboration with Jasmin Buijs aims to provide an introduction to the new rules on personalized nutrition as a medical device.

This data brief explores current developments in the personalized nutrition industry relating to medical devices:

  • What is the MDR and why should you care?
  • Why companies should care about the new MDR?
  • Recent developments
  • The proposals discussed in the panel
  • When does the MDR apply to personalized nutrition software?
  • Way to market of personal nutrition software
  • Current market examples
  • Trendy devices that are making their way into PN
  • What should companies do next?

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