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Sep 23, 2019 4:00pm

As temperatures start to dip, the conference season is about to kick off. Which events will you be attending?

In this week’s newsletter, we give you the latest updates on: Research, my interview in Food forum magazine, Boots teams up with LIVI, smart eating in retail news with Edamam and Halla, 5 complimentary tickets to attend Foodmatterslive in London.

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In the Headlines – Article on Food Forum

Last week, my interview with Nutritionhub was published in the German Food forum magazine. The interview focused on my career journey, my vision for personalised nutrition and my mission on inclusion in the industry.
If your German is up to scratch, email me for a copy of the article.


Research Update

WHO urge nutrition interventions against worrying global trends

Among adults, the most recent data available from 2014 indicate that 462 million are underweight, while 1.9 billion are overweight, and 600 million of those (or approximately 13% of the world’s population, a rate that doubled between 1980 and 2014) are obese”, says WHO.
This worrying trend prompted WHO to create their new Report “Essential Nutrition’s Actions – mainstreaming nutrition through the life-course”, in order for health care services to integrate a range of actions to address malnutrition and obesity in all its forms in a concise and user-friendly format.

Choline: Exploring the Growing Science on Its Benefits for Moms and Babies

Adequate nutritional intake of choline during the first 1 000 days after conception is very important to develop the neurology of the infant. Most pregnant women are not achieving choline intake recommendations of 450 mg/ day.  They are more likely to benefit from boosting their choline intakes through dietary and/or supplemental approaches.


Gluten-related disorders: Celiac disease, wheat allergy, and nonceliac gluten sensitivity. 

Gluten disorders such as celiac disease and wheat allergy need a therapy approach of gluten-free diet. The scientific community has explored the “Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity”. This review summarizes and discusses biomarkers and determinants of gluten-relates diseases and new potential therapies for gluten disorders.


GutSelf: Inter-Individual Variability in the Processing of Dietary Compounds by the Human Gastrointestinal Tract.

The human GI plays a big role in Personalised Nutrition approaches because of their inter-individual variability. This review aims to discuss published data provided from evidence on inter-individual variability in the processing of the macro and micro nutrients, along the gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, this review intends to help future researchers create knowledge bases on this topic


A Review of Dietary (Phyto) Nutrients for Glutathione Support.

Improving glutathione nutritional status, can be an approach to treatment and prevention of chronic diseases related to age. Other scientific research suggests that nutritional interventions including  amino acids, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and the individual genetic can have important effects on circulating glutathione which may translate to clinical benefit. This narrative review explores clinical evidence for nutritional strategies that could be used to improve glutathione status.


Association of oily fish intake, sex, age, BMI, and APOE genotype with plasma long-chain n-3 fatty acid composition.

This study aims to evaluate the association of oily fish intake, sex, age, BMI and APOE genotype with concentrations of EPA, DPA and DHA in plasma phosphatidylcholine (PC), NEFA, cholesteryl esters (CE) and TAG in 306 healthy adults (148 male, 158 female, age 20-71 years) with the same APOE genotype, sex and age. The conclusions suggest that EPA, DPA and DHA in plasma lipids are associated with oily fish intake, sex, age, BMI and APOE genotype.


Impact of the Apolipoprotein E genotype on Cardiometabolic Risk Markers and Responsiveness to Acute and Chronic Dietary Fat Manipulation.

This study aims to associate the APOE genotype and cardio metabolic risk markers in response to acute and chronic dietary fat intakes.
The method used included comparison of the effects of diets/meals which varied in saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated (MUFA) fatty acid composition in 218 individuals in fasting with moderate cardiovascular disease risk and postmenopausal women. Results suggest differences between cardio metabolic markers for LDL, HDL, Protein C- Reactive, Digital Volume Pulse Stiffness Index (DVP-RI), after the MUFA-rich meals.


Interaction between genes involved in energy intake regulation and diet in obesity.

This literature review aims to summarize the role of genes (melanocortin 4 receptor [MC4R], fat mass and obesity-associated [FTO], ghrelin [GHRL], leptin [LEP], and cholecystokinin [CCK]) involved on the regulation of energy intake, creating an association between gene-diet interaction and obesity. Polymorphisms in MC4R, FTO and LEP, appear to be associated with higher energy and total lipid intake. Furthermore, polymorphisms in FTO and LEP, appear to be associated with higher intake of saturated fatty acids. Additionally, protein intake seems to interact with these genes. Polymorphisms in this genes can be, in part, responsible for inappropriate eating behaviours, but individuals with polymorphisms in MC4R, FTO and ghrelin appear to have the same results for weight loss than individuals without this polymorphisms. Despite the advance of nutrigenetics, the presence or absence of obesity polymorphisms in obese individuals require more studies.

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Technology News

Apple announces three new Apple Watch health studies with big-name partners

Three new Apple Watch Health Studies will be launched and available for download later in 2019. This will increase the apps in Apple Watch and they will be the “Apple Women’s Health Study” (menstrual cycle patterns), “Apple Hearing Study” (monitor the sound levels in daily routines), and, finally the “Apple Heart and Movement Study” (continuation of the previous cardiovascular investigations, monitoring the heart rate and physical activity). These studies were made in partnership with major healthcare and academic organizations, including the World Health Organization, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and others.


Boots UK teams up with Swedish startup LIVI to offer in-store digital GP service

Swedish startup LIVI and high street pharmacy chain “Boots UK” are developing a partnership. The objective is that with LIVI, the pharmacy have access to the summary care record and medical history via NHS Electronic Health Record System. Like this, the pharmacist will support, more closely the patients. In London, with the private service, an appointment will be £25, with potential additional costs for prescriptions or medication.


FutureProof Retail and Halla Provide Personalized Recommendations for Mobile Self-Scanning and Checkout

Future Proof Retail (FPR), a company that enables shoppers to use their smartphones to scan items while they are shopping and Halla, the only software company that dynamically profiles human taste to help people make better food choices, announced a partnership! This partnership will allowed customers understanding the out coming flavors of the products they are shopping by posting data on the smartphone app of FPR. Halla uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to analyze products, recipes, restaurant dishes, ingredients, nutrition information, past purchases, and emotions of products to provide personalized recommendations.


UNCLE BEN’S(R) Partners with Innit to Become First Food Brand to Use Google Lens, Revolutionizing How Consumers Engage with the Food Industry

Mars Food’s UNCLE BEN’S® brand is partnering with Innit, a Connected Food platform. UNCLE BEN’S is, now the first food brand to use Google Lens, a software that uses IA intelligence to connect digital information to physical products. Nowadays, going to the supermarket is very complex: dietary restrictions, consumer questions, lack of time for meals preparation are causing stressed families. During September, hundreds of thousands of UNCLE BEN’S products will feature Google Lens stickers inviting them to use Lens on the product. This will do, that customers have access to recipes with ingredient lists, nutrition advices and simple cooking videos. Lens is available via the Google Lens app on Android, and via the Google app on iOS. It’s also directly integrated into the camera on many Android devices.


Food & Consumer Trends

Whole Foods survey insights: ‘Millennials don’t settle for just any food in their shopping carts’

The National Online Survey made by Whole Foods in 1,006 US adults (age between 22 and 37) showed that the majority of the respondents’ big concern is healthy and high safe, quality food items. For them, the food sourcing, the food labeling and the transparency about the ingredients is very important to their eating and market. Smashingly new?, we don’t think so, but obviously more needs t be done to ensure this happens.


Victor Penev, CEO & Founder, Edamam by StartUp Health NOW

Victor Penev, CEO & Founder of Edaman, talks about their company that has allegedly the world’s largest food database and the most accurate nutrition analysis tool to date. “Food is the ultimate medicine”, he says, and Edaman vision is to be focused on the organization of food choices with a database that compares food with the people´s needs, having also as allies food, wellness, and health companies of all the world and the Personalized Nutrition.


Five complimentary tickets to attend Foodmatterslive in London

If you have not noticed yet, Foodmatters live has changed, and it will now cost you £20 to attend the two-day event.
I will be speaking and moderating two sessions and therefore have 5 complimentary tickets to give away. If you are interested, please reply to this email with your Full name, Job function, Company, Email address, and Phone number

 Continue reading our latest update: How Food recommendation platforms are on the rise


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