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Dec 09, 2021 10:19am

 And just like that, we are on our final issue of the year with Christmas around the corner. It's been a phenomenal year of extreme high and lows, one that I will certainly never forget. As a team we have certainly grown, learned together and are ready to make 2022 even better. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our subscribers for their support, positive feedback and messages of solidarity for what we do. We absolutely love those little notes, so if you do feel like giving us some honest tips on how we can improve, we would welcome that.


This week’s newsletter: Goodmills launches DTC online shop, CVS partners with Microsoft to deliver personalized health, Project well rebrands as NourishedRx and more!


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GoodMills launches industry first direct-2-consumer Platform MY HEALTHY FOOD

GoodMills Group, a cereal producer company, has announced the launch of the first Direct-2-Consumer Platform "MY HEALTHY FOOD" in Germany and Austria. This platform shows innovative products made from functional ingredients as well as healthy cereals while addressing personalized nutrition and biodiversity.

A full post on this initiative will follow in the new year.


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Research update

Impact of insufficient sleep on dysregulated blood glucose control under standardised meal conditions

Researchers at ZOE in conjugation with a team of world-renowned sleep and metabolism scientists from the UK, US, Sweden, Italy, and Spain, have studied "whether an individual’s sleep quality, duration, and timing impact glycaemic response to a breakfast meal the following morning". The results show deviations from one's usual bedtime routine (i.e., having an unusually late night), as well as having a later bedtime, in general, are associated with poorer blood glucose responses to breakfast the next morning, which can affect a person's health and, in turn, their weight.

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Does personalised nutrition advice based on apolipoprotein E and methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase genotype affect dietary behaviour?

This study aimed "to determine the effect of a personalized nutrition intervention (...) in participants informed of a risk genotype compared to those informed of non-risk genotype". The results show "personalized nutrition advice led to favorable dietary changes, irrespective of genotype". However, the "incorporation of genotype-based personalized nutrition advice in a diet behavior intervention may elicit favorable changes in dietary behavior in participants informed of a risk genotype. Participants informed of a non-risk genotype also respond to personalized nutrition advice favorably but to a lesser extent"


The Stance4Health (S4H) is a European Commission project that aims to develop a complete personalized nutrition service. To start with is the creation of a universal food composition database (FCDB) in Europe. The aim of this study was to develop an FCDB as complete as possible in terms of food, nutrients, and other compounds. The Stance4Health FCDB has been created through the conjugation of 10 FCT/FCDB from different countries (for example Italy, Netherlands, and the UK)  and organizations (the USDA FCDB, IN FOODS/FAO—FCT/FCDB, and Phenol Explorer 3.6). S4H FCDB has great perspectives, being one of the most complete in terms of the number of harmonized foods, nutrients and bioactive compounds included.


MicroRNA 146a is associated with diabetic complications in type 1 diabetic patients from the EURODIAB PCS

This case-control study from the EURODIAB PCS of 447 DM1 patients (294 cases with one or more complications of diabetes and 153 controls with non-complication) aimed to investigate "if serum miR-146a-5p levels were independently associated with micro/macrovascular complications of type 1 diabetes (DM1)". The results show "MiR-146a-5p levels were significantly lower in cases compared to controls, (...) in particular with CVD and retinopathy, suggesting that miR-146a-5p may be a novel candidate biomarker of DM1 complications".


Making Qina better

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Technology News

CVS Health, Microsoft Partner To Bring ‘Digital First’ Care To Customers

CVS Health and Microsoft Corp. are partnering in a 5-year contract to deliver personalized medical services. The aim is to use the data of CVS (from its tens of millions of customers and health plan enrollees), to deliver mobile alerts (for example to cancer screenings) or reminders (to the population at high risk for any specific condition, or to take medication). Their goal is to “reimagine personalized care”.


Project Well Rebrands as NourishedRx, Expands Product Line to Further Address Nutrition Insecurity

NourishedRx (formerly Project Well) is the first smart, Food-as-Medicine market platform designed to drive lasting dietary change for health plan members. The company's core AI-enabled platform matches at-risk members with personalized (registered Dietitian–vetted) high-quality meal offerings. Now, they have launched a new offering of culturally relevant grocery and fresh produce bundles, paired with shopping and meal prep guidance and nutrition consultations. The new products are offered for 1 to 2 months on a renewable basis.


InsideTracker Named Official Performance Nutrition System of Western States Endurance Run

InsideTracker has announced a partnership with the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run. Inside Tracker will be a multi-year sponsor of the historic 100-mile race, providing an exclusive performance nutrition system.

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PNU 30.2021 InsideTracker Becomes Official Personalized Nutrition System of RRCA

Report finds immunity supporting foods and supplement adoption boosted by pandemic fears

The report released by The Global Wellness Economy (GWI) considered healthy eating, nutrition & weight loss, as one of the five wellness sectors that grew during 2019-2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, this doesn't mean that consumers are eating healthier, the report argues that a "healthy diet definition is more multifaceted than ever before, with cultural, family traditions, lifestyle habits, income, age, local economy, to be considered amongst other factors."


Fears mount for split labelling systems in Europe as Italy launches ‘frontal assault’ on Nutri-Score

NutriScore continues to be controversial in Europe. In this article, several companies using the Nutri-Score system are being investigated by the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM). This investigation aims to finally ban Nutri-Score from Italy: "If Nutri-Score is declared misleading, as it seems likely any company using it may face fines up to million euros (...) Scientific consumer research shows that consumers prefer Nutri-Score over other FOPNL systems, despite its flaws, and [the companies] use it for their marketing choices. Therefore, in my view, the apparent aim of the complainants is to have Nutri-Score removed from Italian shelves before consumers get used and attached to it" said AGCM.


Gen Z demand overhaul of food system to protect the planet

A new survey, commissioned by EIT Food, surveyed over 2,000 18-24-year-olds from across the UK, France, Germany, Poland, and Spain. This research shows that Generation Z believes that the current food system is destroying the planet and that we certainly need to be more sustainable.


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