The next big company will be a Personalised nutrition company

Dec 17, 2022 12:00am

The personalised nutrition industry is certainly not lacking examples of different business models, however it is clear that going bigger bolder and more complex, does not guarantee better results. From Arivale as a prime example as one of the darlings in the industry, despite $50million in investment, over 120 staff members, and over 5000 clients (over 5 years) it just did not manage to scale, it was not in line with what consumers wanted or were ready for (1)

On the other hand, simple business models based on questionnaire data have resonated better with consumers as the benefit and value is simple and clear, but they now demand more...

According to McKinsey, by 2050 every company will be a health company. This is potentially true given the immense power good health has not over the individual and community but also the economy.

A recent article by Andreesen Horowitz claims that based on current moves by the big tech players (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple), the next big company will be a health-tech company. From Health insurance to community clinics and online pharmacies, there is no end in sight for the current moves we are currently seeing in the market place.


We totally agree that the next big company will be a health-tech company, but we also think that owing to the growing interest in nutrition and the consumer behaviours of the Gen-Z tribe who are prepared to overspend on wellness that that company will be a Personalised nutrition company. Personalised nutrition which lies at the intersection of food, health, technology and society, cuts across numerous industries and has the potential to reduce healthcare costs whilst improving accessibility and reducing inequality.


We believe that Qina is that trusted consumer health company that integrates both vertically and horizontally to imporve health for all.

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