The War on Waist

Sep 30, 2022 12:00pm

We are not in a good place…We have barely recovered from the last COVID variant when a new variant is already ripping through countries. Not only has COVID itself led to debilitating long-Covid symptoms for many, the lasting effect of additional pandemic pounds, unhealthy snacking behaviour and a 25% increased rates of anxiety and depression (WHO) are a worrying trend around the globe.


In fact, the latest statistics show that as many as 48% of US adults gained weight during the first wave of the pandemic which was more prevalent in those who were already obese. 


Then we have the Ukraine war, which has had devastating effects on food and fuel prices and the resulting cost of living crisis is felt in all corners of the world with more and more families depending on the generosity of food banks, and ditching healthy and fresh options.

This has led to the selection of nutrient poor and calorie dense diets that are on the rise unfortunately, our waistlines are suffering.

Despite a rising consumer focus on holistic health, wellness, and home cooking, the current environment is not conducive to acting despite our best intentions. We are getting bigger, unhealthier and the disparities are only growing.


This data brief covers the state of play in terms of weight loss through the lens of Personalised nutrition and explores the following:

  • Global trends in overweight & obesity
  • Current digital approaches and drivers to weight loss 
  • Scientific advances and outcomes
  • Industry leaders and disruptors
  • Gaps and challenges
  • What can companies do?
  • Conclusions 


Weight management remains an important and unfortunately a growing industry. Whilst weight management support has increasingly shifted to be more towards holistic health supported by digital solutions and personalised products, there is still a lot of work that needs to happen to understand the best and most accurate way to improve health outcomes.


In the near future we will be able to predict response through a precision nutrition approach as we learn more about an individual´s unique fingerprint. Future tools will need to address the lack of adherence and incorporate more behaviour change techniques.


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