What are digital trials? And why should you care?

Oct 11, 2022 9:00am

A digital trial is? A study that runs entirely remotely whilst leveraging digital tools such as surveys, apps and wearables that collect data from users. By 2050 80% of clinical trials will be hybrid - McKinsey



Why now?

  • 50% Consumers use at least 1 app to track and monitor health
  • 80% of Consumers search for information online
  • 70% of study participants live 2 hours from a trial site


Why should you care?

  • Effectiveness ranks high for functional nutrition products
  • Consumers are willing to pay premium for personalised product
  • Consumers are increasingly selecting products based on health
  • Consumers are looking for Holistic approach towards health

We have created an infographic to outline the importance and relevance of Digital Consumer Studies.


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