What might the future hold for personalised nutrition? Podcast with Food Matters Live

Jul 14, 2022 10:02am

Our CEO Mariette Abrahams was recently interviewed on the FoodMattersLive podcast.

What might the future hold for personalised nutrition? 

"In this episode, we take stock and ask: Where are we at with personalised nutrition?

  • What does the science say? Just how optimistic, or cautious, should we be about how effective this approach is? And what’s driving the growth in the sector?
  • Technology is certainly helping the sector to grow, but does the future of personalised nutrition lay online or face-to-face consultations?
  • Is there much difference, both in quality of advice and outcomes, between visiting a trained professional and using a data-driven app?

Personalisation could be as simple as following a vegan diet, but it can be as complex as reversing diabetes, or lowering your cholesterol. And the future potential appears to be almost endless.

But with so many apps fighting for your attention, how do you determine which are offering evidence-based advice, and those looking to make a quick buck?

Listen to the full episode as we look at what the future might for personalised nutrition. Could it be a game-changer in the developing world? Could it solve the obesity crisis?"


To watch the full episode, click on the image below


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