Why science matters in Personalised nutrition

Sep 28, 2022 12:32pm

Personalised nutrition is still an emerging science that aims to prevent disease, optimize health and manage and treat chronic conditions.

We have seen some companies that do a great job at research and others that completely ignore the importance of quality data.

Our view is that all nutrition companies should have nutrition experts on their team OR make sure that they have a team with a diverse set of skills and experience across the Personalised nutrition spectrum. 

Nutrition experts can help you:

  • Identify new customer persona´s
  • Provide scientific strategic direction
  • Build a solid evidence base for your solution
  • Reach target customers as they are a trusted professional group
  • Conduct relevant research that solve real problems in the real world setting
  • Guide you towards the most accurate and relevant data points to gather and track to support behaviour change
  • Translate the science into actionable recommendations.

Qina has a global network of nutrition experts spanning from prevention to medical nutrition to help companies leverage technologies to innovate better and faster.

Qina is the hub for data and insights in Personalised nutrition. Qina offers the world´s first comprehensive and curated database of Personalised nutrition companies in the industry. Qina has a library of expert content and offers consultancy services for innovation projects.

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