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Personalised Nutrition Is The Future Of Health!

There are 3 major macro trends affecting global health systems right now: digital adoption, sustainability and personalisation.

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The Qina platform has helped us save hours on finding the latest innovations, insights and developments in the Personalised nutrition industry. The search filters have also allowed us to explore potential partners to grow our own business. Qina is truly leading the way!

Ahmed El-Sohemy Founder of Nutrigenomix

Our Services

Qina provides reliable market data, actionable insights and expert-led analysis to meet the needs of manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and SME’s



We help clients to understand the competitive landscape with our Qina PN intelligence platform, a comprehensive database of Personalised nutrition companies.


We help clients launch their innovation projects fast, by pulling in the right domain experts and ecosystem partners from our network.


With Qina Ver, (which means to see), provide insights and context into how and why the industry is evolving by applying AI and machine learning.

The future is here

43% of shoppers look for healthier alternatives

1 in 4 of consumers are trying to lose weight

Telehealth has increased 38X since pre-Covid

64% of the USA is on a dietary restriction

42% of track their fitness & health on a device

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The Opportunity

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Position your company as a leader and innovator to win in this rapidly growing market space

  The personalised nutrition market  is estimated to be an $8B industry and will grow to a $45B industry by 2040.

  Personalised nutrition is highly fragmented with over 350K apps of varying quality that go largely unchecked.

   We believe that everyone will own their data & have access to real-time optimised healthcare.

   Qina is at the forefront of this monumental shift, by combining our expertise & powerful analytical tools.