The hub for insights on personalized nutrition - Qina  analyzes industry trends, innovations, startups, research and consumer behaviour to help companies navigate and understand where the future of nutrition and health is heading next. 



The Qina platform is the first industry-leading curated database of personalized nutrition solutions.

The Qina score – a unique rating assigned to each solution based on current best practice, making it easy to navigate and compare solutions.

Search the Engine – by industry segment, technology, keyword or company name saving you hours of online searching.

The Qina Platform – provides content and market intelligence to help businesses understand current trends, identify opportunities & gaps and provide context to save time and plan ahead for shifting industry trends.


Our subscribers include: Investors, food & ingredient companies, healthcare practitioners, corporate venture & innovation teams and consultancies. 

What makes us different to other market insight platforms?

Our diverse team looks at the market through a multidimensional lens which includes nutrition, food, health, technology and society. By gathering a deep understanding of what drives behaviour with regards to food and health, we can advise our clients better.

Do you want to be included in our personalized nutrition company database?

We regularly update our personalized nutrition database, it is independent and completely free for companies and brands to be listed. We validate all companies to ensure their solutions are personalized.


Qina is a leading, multilingual, boutique consultancy for bespoke personalized nutrition projects. 

Our services are offered virtually by our handpicked global network of domain experts.

What we help our clients with:

Market positioning – We help you identify the right market positioning for your product or brand
Product development – We support you in the development of evidence-based products based on  the latest consumer trends  
Market insight – We help you save time on conducting competitor and market analysis by providing market insights and reports
Deep dives – We make sense of complex information to guide you on your next move
Research – We validate your approach using  mixed methods research 



Partnerships - We help you identify, validate and meet ecosystem partners


I can strongly recommend Mariette when setting up startups or projects, specifically related to the future of food, personalised nutrition and nutrigenomics.


Dr Geoff Mullan CEO
Humanpeople London, UK

I love Mariette's approach of thinking of possibilities for companies to collaborate. This is, in my opinion, the best way to add true value for a consumer.

Nard Clabbers CSO
Foodned, Netherlands

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