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Ideal for executives, leaders, media communicators, educators, researchers, and event organizers responsible for organizational strategy, communications, and professional development.



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  • Weekly newsletter 40x per year
  • Trend report 1x
  • Qina curated




Starting at 299 per year for 40 issues.

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Ideal for executives responsible for business strategy, creating product roadmaps, overseeing R&D, innovation, whether in SMEs or Multinational corporations



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Free trial - no credit card needed 

  • Weekly newsletter 40x
  • Qina engine
  • QinaVer
  • Qinachat
  • Qina library
  • Qina curated

1 license for 2999 per year.

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Ideal for Product managers, R&D directors, innovation managers, marketing, and business executives in the Ingredient, Food & Beverage, and Health Technology verticlas. We primarily serve companies in North America, Europe, and Brazil

Expert (Custom)


starting from ‚ā¨6000
  • Elevate + Explore
  • Qina library
  • Speaking
  • Consulting

Starting at 6,000/year for 5 licenses.

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Qina services & solutions

A weekly summary of the latest industry news, scientific research, innovations, trends, events and resources in the Personalised nutrition industry in bite-sized chunks.

The topics covered include:

  • Nutrition research as it intersects with digital health (nutrigenetics, metabolomics, microbiome, apps)
  • Artificial intelligence and ethics
  • Regulation
  • New technologies, applications and accuracy
  • Industry news - partnerships, investments, mergers and acquisitions, closures, new products, market developments
  • Advocacy - events, white papers, practice guidance, frameworks, initiatives
  • Consumer trends

We publish 40 issues per year always on a Wednesday, which can be viewed online or on a mobile device. Each interesting link has been summarized by our in-house experts which means you don not have to read the full article. All content is hyperlinked.

The newsletter is one of the most popular services on our Qina platform. It is read by executives, directors, board members, CEO's, researchers and practitioners.

Bi-monthly office-hours on the latest news and developments in the industry and on the platform.

This service is ideal for executives who do not have the time to go through all the resources, but need to stay updated on market developments and trends.

Each session only takes up 30 minutes and is hosted directly inside the Qina platform, so you do not need any other apps or platforms to dial in.

If you can't make it live, each session is recorded which means you can listen back anytime and anywhere.

Find out what's happening and what is coming next on the Qina platform on our Qina curated sessions.

The Qina engine is the industry's first curated and comprehensive database of the personalised nutrition marketplace.

The database can be easily navigated with advanced filters, or by using keywords. The database contains data such as technology, segment channel, features, business model and our proprietary Qina score. 

Each business listing contains a product description, publication links, company information and a Qina score. 

The Qina score is a proprietary score developed by our nutrition experts to quickly navigate and compare solutions in the industry. The Qina score aims to be a benchmark and considers a variety of categories known to influence the success or quality of Personalised nutrition solutions. The goal of the Qina score is build trust and transparency in Personalised nutrition solutions.

The latest on each business listing is our AI presenter, Nalah, who provides product description and review via a on-screen video.

The Qina engine is updated at least weekly, and contains over 700 solutions that are carefully curated, ranked and visualized by our in-house experts.

The Qina engine is our most popular service used by executives who need to understand the marketplace and ecosystem, by R & D professionals who are looking for partners, as well as by consultants and practitioners who are looking to save time to find information on available Personalized nutrition solutions.

The curated Qina database is most relevant to executives working in Food & Beverage, Digital health, Ingredient, Supplement and food brands.

QinaVer is our industry specific text analytics solution or Small Language Model (SLM). The QinaVer solution uses natural language processing (NLP) to identify hidden patterns and trends in our expert- created library content.

QinaVer consist of a repository made up of our own Qina content as well as publicly available resources that are relevant to the industry.

Based on our domain expertise, we have trained the machine learning algorithm to identify specific keywords and phrases.

With text analytics you can identify trends and patterns across different resources by category. For example want to know which biomarkers are trending? or which conditions are mentioned the most, or even which brands got the most coverage over the past 6 months or who received the most funding? this can be easily done on QinaVer.

QinaVer is the ONLY industry-specific text-analytics tool at the moment, and makes finding information easy, by wordcloud, category or keyword.

Plus all outputs such as graphics can be downloaded, ready to be included in presentations.

Each response is fully linked back to the original source inside the Qina repository which can include newsletters, video recording, reports, presentations etc.

We have ZERO hallucinations as the data repository has been curated by our in-house experts. However, the repository is industry-specific and cannot suggest a cure for cancer or solve your business woes.

For the very tech savvy, QinaVer can also be used to identify hidden patterns and trends in qualitative unstructured data such as interviews, focus groups and transcripts using NLP. This nifty tool can save hours of time and is a useful tool in combination with domain experts to reduce bias. 


The Qina chat is a feature that leverages ChatGPT technology. Ask any question our repository and the Qina chat feature can provide industry-specific answers that are fully referenced with ZERO hallucinations.

The chat function draws from our expert-curated content which means the answers will be more accurate and specific to your use-case in Personalised nutrition.

Content in the Qina repository is continuously updated to provide the most relevant answers.

The chat feature is available on a desktop and mobile. and soon will be available on each business listing to ask your company specific questions right while it is on your mind!

Never go blank on chat again, there are always questions to ask on the industry or by brands.

At Qina we are driving the conversation on what is happening in the Personalized nutrition industry.

From trends, to controversies, innovations, regulation and missed opportunities, we share our insights in a variety of formats.

Based on our market intelligence, our global expert network and super partners, we publish bite-sized newsletters, deep-dive Executive briefs, topical articles, event presentations, expert interview recordings and industry-trending webinars, all hosted in our Qina library. 

Never miss a trend, news, event presentation or important research again.

We provide  a 360 degree bird's eye view of the industry so you don't have to spend your time searching online to get context on the full picture.

Access all the content on your desktop or mobile device at any time or any place. 

We are a boutique consultancy operating at the intersection of Food, nutrition, health and technology. We provide B2B consultancy services to companies all sizes. We work fully in the cloud and have a team of hand-picked nutrition and other experts we collaborate with, to provide a comprehensive and agile service. 

Our services include:

  • Strategy and Guidance
  • Innovation services which include behavioural Design Thinking,¬†Jobs-to-be-done interviews, consumer audience research
  • Bespoke deep-dive market reports and data¬†
  • Partner identification, screening and introduction
  • Data analysis¬†
  • Domain expertise
  • AI Ethics review
  • Done- for you services. Too busy to learn a new tool, but need the data? we use our own market intelligence tools such as the Qina chat feature or QinaVer to help you to get to the answers you need fast. Saving you time, headaches and money

Our consultancy services are delivered virtually, and are usually on a project basis.

We work with R & D teams, Innovation, Business development and Digital transformation teams that are active in the Food, Nutrition, Ingredient and Health tech industry.

Qina has been working with in-house teams in startups, SME's and multinationals mainly across Europe and the US.

Our capabilities include:

  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Technical nutrition & Behaviour change
  • Analytical (data analysis using SPSS, AI and thematic))
  • Creative problem solving
  • Project management
  • Content creation
  • Medical writing
  • Research (Mixed methods)

Qina offers state of the art presentations delivered by Mariette Abrahams (CEO & Founder of Qina). 

Mariette is an experienced public speaker, thought-leader in the Personalised nutrition industry who is frequently quoted by the media and regularly presents at international scientific and industry events.

Her talks are known to be engaging, informative, on-trend, up-to date and at times, controversial.

She also regularly participates in panels or moderates them.

Events she has presented at or moderated include:

  • Future-Food tech
  • Foodmatterslive
  • NutraIngredients - Active nutrition summit
  • Vitafoods
  • Health Ingredients (HiE)
  • Anuga
  • NutrEvent
  • CNS
  • ANS
  • Nutrition Society (UK)
  • Bell Institute (US)
  • Personalised nutrition Initiative (Chicago - Illinois)

She has also been invited to speak at company Innovation days, Board meetings,  team webinars and in-house workshops as an external expert to share the latest global market developments and trends in Personalised nutrition.

Keynote topics include:

  • The future of food and health
  • Trends in Nutrition innovation and adoption
  • Personalized nutrition - how far have we come and where is it heading next?
  • The ethics of AI at the intersection of nutrition & behaviour change
  • Trends and developments in metabolic health

Presentations can be one-off session or part of a series of talks as mutually agreed.

For a full Speaker kit and packages, get in touch.

Payment Questions

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Please email us at sales"at" and our team will liase with your payments team to get set up as a new vendor for invoicing. You will only get access to the platform once payment has been received.

At the moment this is not possible.

You can upgrade or downgrade at the end of your subscription period. If you would like to upgrade before your subscription period is due, please contact us at sales"at"

We provide technical support for paid subscribers. We offer support via email, video or audio. We usually respond within 24-48 hours. If you are on a paid plan and would like a bespoke session with our product manager, this can be booked inside the platform.

Once we have received confirmation of payment, you will get immediate access to the platform. You can also expect a welcome email from us confirming that you are a paid subscriber.

Create a free account by signing up to Qina. Once inside on your dashboard is an option to book a call.

This is not a problem. If there is still time left on your subscription, please contact us at support"at" to confirm your details and who you would like the account transferred to.

All subscriptions include our highly popular weekly newsletter and our free Qina curated bi-monthly calls. For the higher level plans, you would get access to all services including access to our expert content library, Qina chat, QinaVer, Qina engine as well as the market data. 

Consultancy projects and speaking services are priced separately.

The billing cycle starts the day payment has been approved and will last for 1 year. Subscriptions can start at any time of the year.

Yes you can, however no refunds will be made if there is still time left on your subscription duration.

Yes, these are available on the Expert and Explore plans.

The Explore plan comes with only 1 license. The Expert plan comes with 5 licenses

No! there are no set-up or any other fees. The price you receive is what you pay for the features and services that are part of the plan.

We accept payment via bank transfer or credit card. For a bank transfer, please get in touch

All payments are handled via Stripe. We do not store any bank or payment details on the Qina platform.