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About Qina 

Qina supports you on your mission to make Personalized nutrition accessible to all.

It is not about creating thousands of new products, but creating the right products consumers need. 

Our Story

Qina which means ‚ÄúBe strong‚ÄĚ in Zulu was founded in 2019. The idea for Qina was born when the Founder noticed a gap in the market for domain experts in companies who were developing digital nutrition products. Qina is a remote company which means that the entire business is run in the cloud delivering services through a select group of nutrition experts.¬†

We are entrepreneurial nutrition scientists at heart, holding qualifications from Bachelors to PhD’s, and with experience from disease prevention to medical nutrition. Qina has grown into a small team, and a globally recognized specialized innovation consultancy and platform providing market intelligence, expert content and consultancy services to startups, SME’s, multinationals and other stakeholders in the industry. 

We are unique because we are expert-led and leverage the latest in cloud technologies to be more agile, efficient and connected. This means we deliver our services faster, are data-informed removing our own bias, and more transparent about how we work. 

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We believe Personalised Nutrition is the future of health. We dream of a world where everybody has access to the right knowledge, data and tools to improve their health and prevent disease. 


Our mission is to bridge the gap between science, technology, consumers and frontline practitioners to create the next generation of nutrition solutions that have a real impact on health.

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Meet Mariette

Mari√ętte Abrahams is the CEO and Founder of Qina, Mari√ętte, originally from South-Africa, started her career in clinical nutrition in the United Kingdom before moving to a scientific & medical affairs position at a large food company.¬† In 2009 she moved to Portugal not being able to speak the language. Equipped with her scientific knowledge and experience, digital skills and entrepreneurial spirit, she leveraged her network to start providing consultancy services to companies across several verticals before launching Qina in 2019.

Mariette leverages her combined expertise in nutrition (BSc), business (MBA) and research (PhD) to create a healthier future. She is a thought leader in the industry, a regular international speaker, guest lecturer, and moderator. She also serves as an external advisory board member on the Personalized nutrition Initiative at the University of Illinois (US).