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Create Personalized Nutrition Solutions Consumers Want 

It is not about creating thousands of new products, but creating the right products consumers need. 


We've heard from countless customers that they hired us because they could not find reliable information about Personalized nutrition companies in one place. Despite spending hours on Google and other platforms providing company information, they were still not able to get a clear understanding of the different stakeholders and bird's eye view of the industry. We are different, because we have curated industry data using our decades of industry expertise to deliver the relevant information you need to speed up your exploratory market research. 
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Who is the Explore plan for?

This service is ideal for executives who are responsible for developing business strategy, developing product roadmaps or who are responsible for R & D or innovation SME's or Multinationals.

Typical titles include: VP in business development, Scientific director, or VP digital innovation

WHAT - Qina as the solution

Qina offers you a comprehensive and flexible solution for your personalized nutrition data and insights needs where it is about:

More data: The comprehensive and curated Qina engine helps you identify the key players, competitors, and ecosystems in the personalised nutrition industry on our database of over 680 companies for potential partnerships, investment or projects;


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More insights: Qina helps you quickly evaluate and compare companies using our proprietary Qina score, a trust mark created using our decades of experience and expert knowledge in the industry (Link to Qina score page);

Less hassle: Qina helps you save time and resources by providing you with a user-friendly and intuitive platform that delivers data on the competitive landscape, as well as the industry's first intuitive ChatGPT-4 interface. All you need is to do is to specify your role (eg Business development, Marketer, Researcher) and ask industry- relevant questions. The chat function draws on our curated library of expert curated content and market resources to provide comprehensive and accurate answers in one click with zero hallucinations.

Why ?

Be confident in your knowledge and understanding of the competitive landscape at your strategy or board meeting with the first and only comprehensive and curated competitive landscape database. Save hours of online research using our advanced filters and features


Create Personalized nutrition solutions consumers want. It is not about creating thousands of new products, but creating the right products consumers need. 
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Who is the Expert plan for?

This service is ideal for product managers, R & D, innovation, scientific marketing, data-science or business executives working in the Ingredient, Food & Beverage, Health Technology industry. We mainly work with companies across North America (USA), Europe and Brazil.

WHAT - working with Qina means for you

Qina offers you a comprehensive and flexible solution for your personalized nutrition data and insights needs where it is about:

More data and insights: A unique approach which includes combining our nutrition and behaviour expertise with online and proprietary data to give you the best advice that is unbiased and reliable

Expert support: We adopt an agile and flexible approach to our consultancy services leveraging a suite of cloud-based and secure platforms, which means

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Why: Deliver quality products that are on trend and meet your customer expectations and preferences using a data driven approach. Uncover what your product needs to deliver to help consumers on their health journey. Be confident in your decisions and knowledge of the Personalised nutrition industry with an expert by your side. Connect with the right startups, key opinion leaders and influencers on the ground to execute your plans at the speed you think.

  • Foster deeper connections with your customers by understanding them better
  • Get a Fresh perspective on your plans and project tomake sure you do not miss any opportunities or blind spots ‚ÄĘ
  • Less firefighting with an expert by your side who can confidently plan and execute your project¬†
  • Have more confidence in by getting constant feedback and data on your projects


After nearly two decades of a Personalized nutrition industry, consumers are still confused on what Personalized nutrition is, and practitioners are not able to define it. Using the terms precision nutrition and personalized nutrition interchangeably has further complicated matters. Furthermore despite increasing consumer interest, there is a misconception that Personalized nutrition is about plant-based eating, designer foods and expensive tests and supplements only available to those with high disposable income. 
Mariette Abrahams public speaking
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Who is the Elevate plan for?

This service is ideal for executives and leaders who are responsible for developing organizational strategy, Media communications, Practice and professional development, Educators and researchers in academia or non-profit settings as well as event organizers.


  • Qina library of expert curated content including a weekly Personalized nutrition update
  • Speaking services we deliver guest lectures, keynotes, engaging webinars, behavioural
    design thinking workshops
  • Expert services we provide expert commentary, quotes and guest articles on topical issues
    in the industry such as Artificial intelligence, the future of food and innovations in
    Personalized nutrition.

WHAT - How we help you spread the word, increase awareness and increase knowledge

  • Update your knowledge of the different types of solutions available in the industry through our expert created content, presentations and bi-monthly online webinars
  • Request bespoke slides, guest articles, data or information to share with your network¬†
  • Invite us to speak or moderate at your next event
  • Ask us to deliver a workshop
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Why it matters now ?

Prevention, Personalization and Digitization are key drivers for the future of health and medicine. We are also witnessing increased adoption and penetration of wearables and digital health tools powered by AI. However with increasing healthcare costs and a shrinking pool of healthcare professionals, major changes are required to plug this gap. Technology offers an opportunity to deliver remote healthcare, increase self-management as well as detect early signs that require

  • Not being inclusive
  • Note accurate owing to algorithmic bias and limited diversity in datasets
  • Costly
  • Lack of reimbursement
  • Not ethical


Furthermore, the dangers of misinformation around nutrition and healthy behaviours spreading on social media, is a daily challenge for practitioners and researchers. Food as medicine has swelled into a global movement where nutrition plays a pivotal role. Technology is a key lever to connect the dots between services and expertise in order to reach the right customer/patient with the right product and information BUT, we are only at the beginning.

3 in 4 consumers are pro-actively looking for Personalized nutrition solutions (McKinsey)

The time is now to ensure that no one is left behind in this 4th Industrial revolution. Stakeholders who are committed to building and contributing to creating a credible industry, need to join forces if prevention is the goal. We need to dial up the volume of expert voices in order to protect our societal values and morals to ensure that new innovations are ethical, reliable, rooted in the science to build trust and not erase our Humanness.

We need to ensure that practitioners delivering care are adequately equipped with the knowledge and resources on how these technologies are developed and should be integrated into workflows in order to remain trusted partners in the health journey of an ageing population.

We need to ensure that the questions are answered through quality research to ensure that every person benefits from advances in technology and science and that we do not widen inequality.

However, we know that healthcare practices can be ingrained and resistant to change. But with more consumers having access to and tracking their own data, the concept of practitioners as the sole owner of knowledge needs to change.

Having accurate and independendly expert verified information on the industry is therefore important

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Working with Mariette has been a great experience. With her curious and open attitude she exactly understood our needs and was able to help us with valuable expert knowledge, an impressive network and amazing speed. We feel we are in for a longer partnership with her."

Scientific Director of Health & Wellness 

- Ingredient company