Happiness - the next frontier in Personalised Nutrition Solutions?

Are you happy? Ask any child that question when they get to choose their own ice cream on a hot day, or packing for a trip to go to the beach, and the answer will be a most definite screeching yes!, yet as we get older, we often forget to stop and ask ourselves (and those around us) whether we are truly happy.

Happiness is a positive outcome that brings meaning to people and various sectors of society according to the (CDC). In fact, employees who are happy, are 13% more productive , which in the current climate of increased anxiety and stress could make a huge difference to businesses around the globe.

Despite this, we still find that many institutions and policymakers gauge their progress and impact on material or physical factors   while failing to measure what matters the most: people’s happiness. 

In this latest data brief, we explore and argue the case for including happiness as a health outcome measure in personalised nutrition solutions. We were thrilled and privileged  to include expert insights from Catalina Cernica CEO of the Health & Happiness Research Foundation in Denmark. 

Topics covered:

  • What is happiness?
  • How is happiness defined and measured?
  • Which country is the happiest?
  • How does the perception of happiness differ by ethnicity?
  • How is happiness related to chronic conditions and disease prevention?
  • Where are the opportunities

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