Sports, active nutrition and Consumer Health

Jul 18, 2022 10:31am

The COVID pandemic has changed the health and fitness landscape for good and for good reasons.

Consumers have been jolted into a new era of awareness and now want to lead healthier active lives, and they’re looking to sports and active nutrition products to help them achieve that.
Studies conducted in the US show that around 23% of adults spend around 30 minutes per day exercising with slightly higher participation by men (20%) in comparison to women (18%).

Unlike the pro- athlete using sports nutrition to maximize performance, improve strength, and recovery, consumers or otherwise known as weekend warriors, want their active nutrition solutions to support their heart, brain, respiratory, immune, and sleep health, among other well-being goals.

This data brief explores the following

  • Current market
  • Drivers of the sports nutrition industry
  • Key industry trends
  • Personalized nutrition for active consumers
  • Major moves in the industry
  • What are some of the disruptors doing?
  • The gaps and opportunities
  • What can companies do today to prepare and act on this trend?
  • Conclusions 


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